Dr. Chris Majors is with us today to discuss a thriving doctor. Are you overloaded or available? Dr. Majors states that when we can focus on who we’re becoming, the patients, dentistry and the money will follow and you’ll you’ll begin to thrive. I couldn’t agree more!

Before Dr. Majors became a strategy advisor, he spent 23 years in full time clinical practice.  A native of Kansas and graduate of the UMKC School of Dentistry, Chris lives in Wichita with his wife (of 25 years) and their four children.  

At the age of 49, Chris sold his 13-doctor thriving practice to pursue a second half career.

After hanging up the hand piece, Chris shifted his energy to bringing specialized business advisory and executive level coaching to dentists.  He is also serves as a senior advisor for a healthcare startup company called Fair Market Health.    

As an experienced dentist, entrepreneur, and coach, Chris focuses his work on creating customized financial strategies, insurance alternatives, and investment opportunities for doctors.  His chief aim is to help people flourish in life and work.