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We have two wonderful guests today, Dr. Erica Zolnierczyk and Joy Lantz with Mini Sproutz! Today we are talking about childhood development related to dentistry and this is such an important topic that we should all be well aware of in the dentistry field!

Joy Lantz has over 25 years of experience in the dental field with a background in dental hygiene.  She serves on the Board of Directors of the IAOM, and joined the team at Inspire Dental Wellness in 2020. Joy is a speaker, course presenter, and owner of Level Up Myo, specializing in educating colleagues about advanced myofunctional concepts and business development. 

Dr. Erica Zolnierczyk (“Dr. Erica”) has been practicing General Dentistry with a focus on facial growth and airway development, tongue ties, and TMJ disorders for over 10 years. Her passion for finding the root cause of dental problems started with her own experiences of years of TMJ, headache problems, and dental issues.  She is committed to helping people with the most important human functions: nasal breathing and sleep, which can help prevent a lifetime of medical interventions and compromised quality of life.