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The objective of conquering the Tyranny of the Urgent is:

To make MORE money in LESS time, get off the treadmill, and get back to the passion that brought us into dentistry.

Foundational Concepts

The Three Main Resources in Life:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Energy

We take care of our own personal energy, but our practice either gives or takes away both time and money. To build a life of Significance, and get off the treadmill, we need to figure out how to get all three at once.

Freedom – is the ability to CHOOSE what to do with my time, money, and energy. Most dentists don’t have freedom at this level, and are hostages to their own practice. They don’t GET to do dentistry, the HAVE TO.

The Significance Formula:
Riches = Money
Wealth = Time + Money

Most dentists are at best rich, but not wealthy. The Significance Formula is T + M + E = S; Time, plus Money, plus Energy equals the ability to build a life of Significance where we’re free to practice dentistry, not hostages to our practice. How do we get these three to line up?

We have to conquer the Tyranny of the Urgent and focus instead on the Priority of the Important. The Tyranny of the Urgent is where we make money today while not investing in our future. We’re reactive, making decisions based on short-term pressures, and are hostages to our practices. The Priority of the Important are all those longer-term solutions like planning, developing processes, training, etc. where we take care of our future, not just our present. When we focus on the Tyrannical, we end up in the same place next year. A focus on the Important moves us to new and better levels of Freedom every year.

The Big Question – Are you making decisions based on where you are, or on where you want to be?

The Big Mindset Shift – USE your practice to build your Ideal Lifestyle. Most of us are being used by our practice. We don’t own a practice, we own a job. We need to build a practice that makes money for us, even when we’re not there (especially when we’re not there).

What do you want? One year, three years, five years from now? Get Utter Clarity on that, and figure out what the Next One Thing is you need to do to get there, put a date on when you will do that, and enlist some support from someone you can trust to hold you accountable to your own goal.

Focus on the Priority of the Important, get off that treadmill, and get back to the passion that brought you into dentistry!