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Creating Freedom with a Practice Maturity Date

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You learned in dental school that in order to make more money, it took more time in the operatory – you traded time for money. That is the Income Producer’s Game. Practice owners who are playing the Practice Leader’s Game learn how to make MORE money in LESS time, get off the treadmill, and get back to the passion that brought them into dentistry. It doesn’t have to take thirty years to build a practice that makes you money when you are not there. In three to five years you can regularly be taking time off while the practice is open and making money without you, and decades before you retire you can reach your Ideal Lifestyle.

BUT – you have to deal with the Tyranny of the Urgent, and focus instead on the Priority of the Important. If you don’t, you will wear out. Practices don’t fail, dentists get tired and get stuck at Stage Four Stability, which brings in great money and steals all your time.

This podcast will show you how to turn all that around. Stop intending to work hard and intend to build a practice that makes money when you’re not there. Put a Practice Maturity Date (PMD) on when you intend for that to happen, start playing the Practice Leader’s Game, and build a life of freedom.

Most dentists are just rich – they have money. Intend to be wealthy, with both time and money, then use those resources to build a life of significance! Get off that treadmill.