Today we are talking with Derick Van Ness about Dental Tax Savings and ways you could be saving each year, and putting more into your pocket. Derick brings some great ideas to the table that you can start implementing in your practice, today!

Derick is a Wealth Strategist who is passionate about helping people reach their full potential. His company, Big Life Financial, is focused on removing the mystery and misinformation surrounding money and financial strategy so people can live their BIGGEST LIFE!

Derick believes that each person has something unique and valuable to contribute to the world, but that most people are never able to express that gift due to fear, doubt, or worry related to money. His mission is to eradicate that fear and fundamentally change the way that people think about and utilize money within the next generation.

Derick’s company can help anyone but is specifically focused on small business owners, and has already helped 1000’s of them to create financial certainty and confidence. He is a straight shooter and has an uncanny ability to explain complex concepts in a simple way that allows clients to see massive results!

In his free time, Derick enjoys racing sailboats, creating art, and competing in West Coast Swing dancing. He currently lives in his hometown of Draper, Utah after spending 20 years away living all over the US including: Washington DC, Brooklyn, Texas, and Southern California.