Today we are talking with Wes Read on financial advice dentists need in today’s environment. The business side of dentistry can be tricky, and isn’t covered as much as it should be in dental schooling. Things are always changing and as dental professionals, it’s important to stay in the know of new financial changes, requirements, etc. Wes provides valuable insite on financial advice to help us in today’s envirornment.

Wes Read is the founder of PracticeCFO, a financial planning and CPA firm specializing in dental practice owners. He has been working with dental practice owners since 2007 to help them effectively manage their taxes, 401(k), debt, student loans, business budgets, personal financial planning, investments, and retirement planning.

Earlier in his career, Wes had audited the financial statements of fortune 500 corporations during his employment at Ernst and Young LLP, the third largest accounting firm in the country.  After his time with Ernst and Young, Wes joined the wealth management division of Moss Adams Wealth Advisors LLC. Wes worked with some of the industry’s top thinkers in managing approximately one billion dollars of client assets.

Prior to his professional experience, Wes received a bachelor and master’s degrees, both in accounting from Brigham Young University; programs that are recognized in the top accounting schools in the nation.