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Thoughts Create Feelings, Which Create Results with Laura Mach

July 31, 2020

Laura Mach teaches dentists how to understand how their thoughts create their feelings, which creates their results. When we understand why we are thinking what we are thinking (that inner voice which we talk to ourselves with) we can understand our feelings and therefore why we do what we do. Once we understand that, it’s easier to see why our employees and our patients behave in certain ways, and we can understand better how to lead them to beneficial behavior. 

Laura Mach is a general dentist who has owned her practice for 12 years. She is also a Certified Life Coach and helps dentists reduce stress and increase their happiness. She teaches practice owners how to improve their leadership skills through understanding their own minds and the minds of their employees and patients. 

Systems and Processes with Laci Phillips

July 24, 2020

Do you need CE credits and you are just trying to figure out how to make it through the next few hours? 

Are you goal oriented and itching to implement new ideas in your practice as soon as you get back? 

Have you ever wanted to be in the audience of a talk show? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are in the right room. Our speaker today is Laci Phillips, founder of Practice Dynamics; systems, teams and technology based advisory. Laci has been working towards this day with you since she was old enough to know having her own talk show was her lifelong goal. 

With 25+years of experience in the dental industry, Laci will open up a well- rounded discussion today with you, no matter the role you play on the team. 

Laci began her road to coaching as a chairside assistant while going to college to pursue a dream of one day having her own talk show. While, she was a great employee, she was a terrible chairside assistant and was “Promoted” to the business office. The business side of dentistry opened a whole new world for her. 

Laci’s experience of working in high tech offices paired with her passion for dentistry and dental teams has brought her here today to share her dental “talk show” with you!

What is Business Freedom?

July 10, 2020

What is Business Freedom? Our Rising Phoenix Business Community zoom call that takes place every Monday morning at 9am MT, talked this week about what business freedom is. Listen in to hear Chuck’s idea on business freedom, as well as some attendee participation. 

The Rising Phoenix Business Community is open to anyone and everyone around the world and is a place to find remarkable stories of thriving in the face of adversity by changing and adapting, and to find the right mindset to tackle your own obstacles. When the going is a little tough, most of us tend to withdraw. Let’s do it differently. Get involved in the Rising Phoenix Business community and start every week with resolve to be relentless, resilient, and ready to keep building results.

Understanding the Impact of Online Reviews on Your Bottom Line with Jennifer Thompson

July 2, 2020

It’s so important to understand the impact that online reviews have on your bottom line. What are you doing to make the most out of your online reviews? Do you have a review process in place with your customers? Make yourself known in your community, because let’s face it, we all look up reviews before going in for any type of service! Online reviews are crucial to the success of your business and Jennifer Thompson is giving us her insight today on this important topic.

Jennifer Thompson has served as President of Insight Marketing Group since 2006 and helps physicians and private medical practices throughout the U.S. attract and retain patients and rock-star employees. Jennifer has 20+ years of experience in marketing and business development for start-up organizations and as a marketing director for a Fortune 500 company.

Jennifer is a serial entrepreneur who wakes up every day at 4 am ready to change the world. She has been invited to share her knowledge at multiple MGMA association meetings and conferences, the Florida Bones Conference, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and AOA-36 on the topics of social media, reputation management, and leadership. She is also the co-host of the DrMarketingTips Podcast!

Re-opening a Dental Office in the Pandemic Epicenter with Dr. Todd Bertman

June 26, 2020

Greenwich Village dentist Todd Bertman is talking with us today about re-opening his dental office in the pandemic epicenter.

“We are at 25% capacity right now, and expect to be at 25% for another year,” says Bertman. “Some people are scared to death to come in and some want to come in. You have to be safe about this. It’s the new normal.”

For nearly 18 years, Dr. Todd Bertman, the owner of Advanced Dental Arts, has been providing unparalleled dental care to his patients.

In addition to membership in the American Dental Association, Dr. Bertman is a member of the New York County Dental Association and the New York State Dental Association.

He is certified as a Level I and II Invisalign practitioner and belongs to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the World Clinical Laser Institute, and the IALD (Institute for Advanced Laser and Dentistry).

Dr. Bertman graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. He moved on to complete a general practice residency in Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, NY where he had the opportunity to work in an emergency room setting.

The Importance of Having a Strategic Plan with Marama Carmichael

June 19, 2020

Having a Strategic Plan is an essential tool for all business owners to keep their vision, mission, and goals clear. Marama Carmichael is with us today to talk about the importance of a Strategic Plan, and why you absolutely need one for your business. 

Marama is a Digital Strategist and is the founder of Oracle Tree, a full-service strategic Brand, Marketing and Digital agency.

Her specialty is helping owners of established businesses grow and scale by expertly creating “ecosystems” that leverage all of their resources and the power of digital. Instead of a constant battle to keep up, her clients are less stressed, more productive and have more time to do what they love.  

With over 20 years of experience in running successful businesses, and 10 years in the web industry, her eclectic background (including physics, natural therapies, and corporate sales) brings a holistic approach to her work. She takes the time to get to know her clients and their businesses inside and out, to craft real solutions to the problems that they’re struggling with.

8 Reasons Why We Need Regular Human Touch

June 5, 2020

Today we are going into the research, and exploring the 8 reasons why we need regular human touch. In a tech and COVID saturated world, the human touch is endanger of becoming rare, if not obsolete. Did you know that humans become nearly unrecognizable with the absence of touch? Touch bonds people together. Be sure to listen in today for the 8 reasons why we need human touch.

Why We Shouldn’t Take Immovable Positions on our COVID Response

May 31, 2020

Today we are talking about sides. We are all on sides. The biggest issue going forward that we will face is pluralization, leading to polarization. 

The immovable positions are where we get ourselves in trouble. Tune in today to listen why we shouldn’t take immovable positions on our COVID response.

Why We Shouldn’t Carry Clean of COVID-19 Certificates: Part 2

May 22, 2020

Would you carry a certificate to prove you’re clean of COVID-19 to get back into society? If this was the case, shouldn’t we have one for the flu, the common cold, and all other illnesses? Fear of the possible is paralyzing. This is poisonous to us as human beings and to society, as a culture and economically. Today we are on part 2 about why we shouldn’t carry clean of COVID-19 certificates. 

How Group Dentistry Will Change Post-COVID-19 with Emmet Scott

May 13, 2020

Emmet Scott is with us today to talk about how Group Dentistry will change post COVID-19; a very important topic as we face the shutdowns currently. Make sure to listen for your special offer!

Emmet is CEO and co-founder of Community Dental Partners™ and Smile Magic Dentistry and Braces™ – a Chuck E. Cheese like dental practice for kids. His business partner, Dr Chad Evans, has been his best friend for over 40 years.

Emmet also hosts DSO Secrets, a podcast focused on the group dental industry. He created a Facebook group by the same name for leaders in the dental group industry to discuss some of the most difficult components of running a DSO.

He is Senior Faculty for The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization and will be the event host at their upcoming 2020 Virtual Summer Summit, “Group Dentistry in the NEW World: Sustaining and Thriving Going Forward”, June 4-5.

Before building Smile Magic, Emmet started in the financial planning industry where he built and sold two financial planning firms one in Houston, TX and the other in Las Vegas, NV. He then launched his own radio show from Las Vegas called “The Entrepreneur Life™” and established a consulting firm branded “Entrepreneur Advisors™.”

He is married with five children, all redheads. When not working, he enjoys reading business and leadership books, watching TED talks, and playing racquetball. He is fluent in American Sign Language and worked with deaf students in California and Arizona as part of a two-year church missionary program. He graduated from Brigham Young University in accounting.

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