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Get off the dental treadmill

USE your practice to build your Ideal Lifestyle

Rehumanize dentistry by giving everyone their brain back

The Get off The Treadmill Podcast helps practice owners and dental leaders make MORE money in less time, get off the treadmill, get back to the passion that brought them into dentistry, and rehumanize dentistry by giving everyone their brain back.


Demystify the Business Side of Dentistry

The GOTT Podcast provides time-tested business tools and tips to help you shed Industrial Age management habits, and build a Participation Age practice where everyone is fully engaged.

  • Overcome the Tyranny of the Urgent w/ a focus on the Priority of the Important
  • Play the Practice Owner’s Game and get off that treadmill
  • Create Stakeholders who lead and are 100% engaged

Get Off the Treadmill

The GOTT Podcast delivers transformational action steps to get you off the treadmill, with fast-moving interviews and content that is never more than 25 minutes.  We are your drive time podcast!

Practical, useful, actionable ways to move you from survival through success to significance.

Your Host

<a href="http://www.chuckblakeman.com" target="_blank">Chuck Blakeman</a> | Entrepreneur, Founder of Crankset Group, and Acclaimed Author & Speaker
Chuck Blakeman | Entrepreneur, Founder of Crankset Group, and Acclaimed Author & Speaker

Chuck built twelve businesses in eight industries on four continents and wrote the #1 Business Book of 2010. He is a regular Inc. Magazine contributor and an internationally acclaimed dental speaker and dental business advisor. His books are used in both undergraduate and MBA courses. His next book, Rehumanizing Dentistry By Giving Everybody Their Brain Back, will be released soon to help dentists and their teams create Participation Age practices.

Join Chuck on his regular episodes where he and successful practice owners and leaders will provide a place to:


    Chuck shares his expertise on various topics that deal with the business side of dentistry, and interviews other dental leaders who are already off the treadmill or well on their way to that freedom.


    Chuck along with other industry experts will connect in a meaningful way by sharing stories, ideas, methodologies and processes, along with diving into dialogue that will help push you and your practice forward.


    What ONE THING do I need to do today to build a kick-ass practice that throws off both time AND money, and gets every team member fully engaged? Check out the GOTT Podcast!


Check out:

Chuck’s TED talk video on The Emerging Work  World  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewA2BqbWhUQ

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