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More Women Than Ever are Becoming Dentists! What New Ideas are They Bringing with Them? With Anne Duffy

March 17, 2019

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Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, and Top Tier Skill Sets. These are just a few things that the influx of women into dentistry will bring. Anne is helping dentists get their ideal lifestyle out of their business, and shines a light on several new ways to understand what is happening in multiple aspects of dentistry.

Anne Duffy is a graduate of The Ohio State University and a practicing Dental Hygienist in Charlotte, NC. She is the owner, editor and publisher of Dental Entrepreneur magazine with the goal of providing new dentists the assistance they need to maximize their careers as successful businessmen and women serving their profession. Anne’s newest creation is DeW Life magazine (standing for Dental entrepreneur Woman). She is a cultural activist leading a movement to inspire, highlight and empower all women in dentistry.

What is the BEST way to Implement an Incentive Program in your Practice? With Dr. David Rice, DDS

March 10, 2019
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Dr. David Rice is the Founder of the nation’s largest student and new dentist community, IgniteDDS and he travels the world speaking, writing and connecting today’s top young dentists with tomorrow’s most successful dental practices. He also maintains a team-centered, restorative and implant practice in East Amherst, NY. With 23 years of practice in the books, he has completed curriculums at the Spear Center, The Pankey Institute, The Dawson Center and the school of hard knocks…

Marketing Tips and Tricks to Take Your Practice to The Next Level! With Dr. Wayne E. Kerr

March 3, 2019

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Dr. Wayne Kerr earned Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry and was honored in 2011 with the presentation of the Life Long Learning and Service Recognition Award.

He has been awarded Fellowship in both the American and International Colleges of Dentistry, as well as the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Dr. Wayne is a member of the Hinman Dental Society, an Honored Fellow of the Georgia Dental Association, and an Adjunct Associate Professor for the University of Alabama’s School of Dentistry in Birmingham.

Whether he’s in the operatory or speaking to other professionals, his goal is to advance the profession to better serve his fellow man. Learn more about Dr. Kerr at

101 Ways to %#@! Up your Dental Career with Dr. Sten Ericson

February 24, 2019

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When is the right time, and what is the right way to bring on a partner? Or to offer a pathway to ownership to an associate? This is a heck of a problem that I don’t believe is being answered properly today in most practices. In my book, “Why Employees are Always a Bad Idea” we hit on several of the ideas that we talk with Dr. Phelps about, and I am sure that you will find some new ways of thinking about this after listening to this podcast.

Implementing processes allows the leader of the organization (you) to be able to step away from certain areas of the business and focus on what you are best at. This also allows for real, and substantial growth to occur, which only happens when the team as a whole is capable to make decisions on their own. Putting processes in place to allow this to happen is simply the best way, if not the only way, to grow your practice in a way that allows you to make more money, in less time, and get off the treadmill!

Dr. Sten Ericson owns 2 practices with a team and patient base that has quadrupled in size over the last 4 years. He is a Kois graduate and a board member of the AACD’s Public Education Committee, along with maintaining memberships with a variety of dental academies. He and his wife reside in Santa Barbara with their 2 boys.

Streamline Compliance to Increase Operational Efficiency? With Duane Tinker

February 17, 2019

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What if we could make one of the most time consuming, tedious, and convoluted parts of running your practice, and streamline it to actually create operational efficiency?

Duane Tinker is a nationally renowned consultant who helps dentists establish and maintain their compliance and risk management programs. Duane has inspected hundreds of dental offices and thousands of dental records. He is a Subject Matter Expert sought by attorneys nationwide who represent dentists in civil and criminal Medicaid related actions. A former state board investigator turned consultant “Tink” applies his knowledge and experience to helping make dental offices safer for dentists, their patients and staff. Tink also has a podcast called Talking With The Toothcop. You can find it on iTunes or at

Core Values, What Level of Impact Can They Have? With Carrie Webber

February 10, 2019

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Core Values, you might have it in mind that these are just for big companies with thousands of employees, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! When IBM, or some other company with thousands of employees that has been doing this for 100 years hires 3 people, they pretty much get shoe horned into the position. When you hire your 10th person, if they are not a good fit with your team, that is 10% of your work force! And we all know how contagious a negative attitude is. It’s time to get smart about designing a culture that pulls our practice in the direction of our ideal lifestyle!

Carrie Webber is Chief Communications Officer and co-owner of Jameson, a dental management, marketing and hygiene coaching firm that helps dentists and teams become more productive, more profitable and ultimately more fulfilled in their practicing lives.  Carrie is a contributing author to multiple publications on the topics of dental business, leadership and team development, as well as a presenter on these topics to dental professionals nationwide.

How you can use your practice to realize your Ideal Lifestyle with Steve Parker

February 3, 2019

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Steve Parker is the President/CEO of The Profitable Dentist, LLC and Editor-In-Chief of The Profitable Dentist Magazine, where he brings a renewed energy to continuing the work of founder, Dr. Woody Oakes. Under his leadership, The Profitable Dentist has grown to be the nation’s most read periodical for dental practice owners, by delivering the kind of relevant, high-value content they demand at every transition point throughout their career, from student through retirement.

In addition, Steve has expanded the annual “TPD Practice Owners Conference,” to reach the largest online audience of dental professionals ever and is aggressively building the largest online learning management resource for post-dental school practice education and CEU credit in the country.

Get Found, Get Liked, Get Patients! Utilizing Social Media with Rita Zamora

January 27, 2019

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The purpose of marketing is to build relationships and trust within a community. Social Media, whether you like it or not, is a highly efficient, and under priced way to develop the relationships that will fuel your practice in the middle and long term. In this episode we dive into it with Rita Zamora to really get it all sorted out!

Rita Zamora is the author of the new book, Get Found, Get Liked, Get Patients – Making the Most of Social Media. She is an international speaker and the owner of Rita Zamora Connections, a social media marketing agency for dental and medical professionals.

Since 2007 she and her team have provided social media marketing training and custom monthly management services for general and specialty practices across the country.

The 12 Absolutely Essential Tools of Participation Age Dentistry

January 23, 2019

The 12 Absolutely Essential Tools of Participation Age Dentistry

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Are you content being a hostage to your practice, making every decision and have the weight of the world on your shoulders every day? Or do you want to build a great practice that runs well and makes money when you are not there?

These twelve tools will rehumanize your workplace and give everyone their brain back, when you didn’t even realize their brains had been taken away from them. Building these twelve tools into the way you develop your team is crucial to you getting off the treadmill, and even more important for them to experience Making Meaning, not just money.

Do you want full-on adults at work, Stakeholders instead of just employees, who take responsibility for their actions, make great decisions, and stay with you for the long haul?

Each tool builds on the one before it. Solid, written values, vision and mission statements that you use regularly and proactively every day to run the practice is the start. But in order to rehumanize the workplace, we have to develop an entirely different set of leadership tools that help everyone be a leader, create localized decision-making, teams released to take action; specifically, tools that create self-managed, self-motivated adults in every position in our practice.

The 12 Tools of Participation Age Dentistry are designed to create horizontal interdependence among team members and dismantle the unhealthy, codependent top-down, bottom-up parenting that comes with management. Your people are adults, are smart and motivated, and want desperately to help build a great practice, not for you, but with you. Build in the 12 Tools of Participation Age Dentistry and watch the lights come on across your practice in every team member. It’s the most rewarding thing you’ll do this year!

Emotional IQ Will Transform Your Practice with Dr. Matthew Norton

January 20, 2019

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Today on the podcast we dive into the in’s and out’s of Empathy, Social Awareness, and Self Regulation. Have you thought about how you behave, and how that influences your staff, and thus your patients? Having a good understanding of how all this works is essential to the long term success of your practice.

Dr. Matthew Norton has been improving the quality of life of countless individuals as well as coaching business leaders and their teams to deep success breakthroughs for more than 35 years. He’s the co-founder of Mindfluence Revolution and the co-leader of the elite Dental Experts Network.

Over the years Dr. Norton created a highly successful practice and became a passionate speaker, leader, and author of the breakthrough book, “Where Does It Hurt?”

Dr. Norton is professionally-trained as a Behavior Style, Motivators, Stress Quotient, and Emotional Intelligence analyst. He has evaluated the insights of thousands of assessment reports and applies this knowledge to expand the awareness, communication skills, and success capacity of practice owners and their teams.

Dr. Norton guides doctors to become stronger and more emotionally-intelligent leaders of their team, their patients, and their community so they can contribute at the highest level and achieve their most ambitious dreams.

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