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3 Steps for Building a Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams with Steve Anderson

March 5, 2021

When building a dental practice, being profitable is always one of the main goals. Steve Anderson is with us today to discuss 3 steps to get you there:

1. FISTS (FICO score, Intelligent spending, Satisfy passion, Time for relationships, Savings)

2. Real Estate Broker

3. Accountable Professionals

Build a solid foundation so that you can build the profitable dental practice of your dreams!

In everything he does, DentalEase author Steve Anderson loves to impact others and leave a lasting legacy of improvement. For dentists, that means showing them how to renovate or construct the dental practice of their dreams, save at least ten thousand dollars in the process, and build a dental practice that is stress-free and profitable. The result of 30 years of passionate effort, the DentalEase program is Steve’s not-so-secret weapon to practice perfection, and he’s here to share his method  s with the world.

His singular goal is to make any dentist’s dream practice a reality. Starting his construction career in 1984, he has specialized in building dental offices since 1997 through his company Denco Dental Construction Inc. In that time he worked with over 1,000 dentists, assisting them in designing and building the dental office they have always dreamed of owning and practicing in. Anderson is the only general contractor in Arizona who is endorsed by the Arizona Dental Association. He also provides CE credits for seminars which he teaches at dental schools and special engagements.

His new book, DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Creating the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams, is a detailed written account of his expert knowledge on the subject. The goal of this essential guide is to assist dentists in making educated decisions effortlessly and minimizing the painful (and expensive) lessons many experience.

Steve knows how to create a dream dental practice from the ground up, literally, so dentists can achieve their goal in their practice that fits their vision. He knows first-hand how hard it is for dentists to figure out where to start or how to build the practice they envision on their own. Dentists have found the guide they’ve been looking for, calling DentalEase, “An incredible encyclopedia on how to attain success.”

Why and How to Let Someone Go

February 18, 2021

As soon as you begin to wonder if someone is a fit, they’re probably not. When you keep someone who’s a heroic jerk (Really productive but bad team member), that person is bringing everybody else’s productivity down. And what message are you communicating to your team, practice, customers, by doing that? 

As Maya Angelou once said, “when people show you who they are, believe them.”

Helping Team Members Become More Engaged, and Perform at a Higher Level with Jeff Richins

February 5, 2021

When employee engagement is down, do you think to check the employee or the leader? Empowerment is on the employee, engagement is on leadership. It’s critical to understand who your employees are, and what motivates them in order to drive engagement and performance. Jeff Richins is with us to talk about how we can help team members become more engaged, and perform at a higher level.

Jeff Richins is the President and CRO of Cambeo. He’s responsibilities include leading out all day-to-day operations and overseeing all sales activities and partnerships. Over his career, he has founded or has been a founding employee of 5 technology companies including Cambeo Dental. He is passionate about building products and creating systems that solve pain and help organizations grow. He lives in Utah with his wife, 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son. He loves to snow and water ski. Jeff graduated from Utah Valley University with a BA in Behavioral Science, psychology emphasis.

Dental Tax Savings with Derick Van Ness

January 19, 2021

Today we are talking with Derick Van Ness about Dental Tax Savings and ways you could be saving each year, and putting more into your pocket. Derick brings some great ideas to the table that you can start implementing in your practice, today!

Derick is a Wealth Strategist who is passionate about helping people reach their full potential. His company, Big Life Financial, is focused on removing the mystery and misinformation surrounding money and financial strategy so people can live their BIGGEST LIFE!

Derick believes that each person has something unique and valuable to contribute to the world, but that most people are never able to express that gift due to fear, doubt, or worry related to money. His mission is to eradicate that fear and fundamentally change the way that people think about and utilize money within the next generation.

Derick’s company can help anyone but is specifically focused on small business owners, and has already helped 1000’s of them to create financial certainty and confidence. He is a straight shooter and has an uncanny ability to explain complex concepts in a simple way that allows clients to see massive results!

In his free time, Derick enjoys racing sailboats, creating art, and competing in West Coast Swing dancing. He currently lives in his hometown of Draper, Utah after spending 20 years away living all over the US including: Washington DC, Brooklyn, Texas, and Southern California.

Practice Development- Launching Specialty Services with Amanda Wilson

January 6, 2021

Today we are with Amanda Wilson talking about launching specialty services and what it can do for you, your practice, and your clients!

Amanda Wilson is an orthodontist/dental consultant and dental advisor by profession. After 10 years in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, she created StraightSmile Solutions® as an orthodontic consulting company that directly services dentists, dental specialists, and dental labs and their unique needs.  Amanda can consult on any orthodontic service, process, vendor or procedure but ultimately her core values are airway-focused (AirwayDontics™), non-extraction, non-surgical, early orthodontic treatment (My Phase 1 Smile™). Orthodontic lab fees are a concern, so through Bid My Ortho Lab™, she matches doctors and treatment plans with the best, lowest-price orthodontic lab solution. 

She lives in Honolulu and loves spending time with her husband and her school-aged kids and volunteering as a Junior Girl Scout® Leader and for USA Swimming® as a Stroke and Turn Judge.

At StraightSmile Solutions®, their goal ultimately is to educate doctors to create healthy and happy smiles.

Amanda offers every guest who mentions the GOTT podcast a complimentary consulting session. They can schedule this here:

Why Would a Dentist Want to Own Their One Real Estate? With Austin Hair and Nathan Palmer

December 9, 2020

Why would a dentist want to own their own practice? There are many benefits such as: not paying rent to someone else and paying off their mortgage, the benefit of appreciation and the value of the building, benefits in cost control and more. We are excited to have Austin Hair and Nathan Palmer with us today to talk about real estate investment in the dental industry.

Austin Hair is a partner at Leaders Real Estate Development. He is a former professional wakeboarding athlete for 12 years. Austin began investing in real estate at age 23, and started and sold 3 gyms between 2013 and 2019. He is the podcast host of Real Estate Secrets for Healthcare.

Nathan Palmer has 13 years of experience in commercial real estate and is the founder of Leaders Real Estate Development/ He’s also the podcast co-host of Real Estate Secrets for Healthcare.

How Telemedicine Can Increase Revenue and Market Share with Dr. Michael Greiwe

December 1, 2020

Telemedicine allows us to compete in a mobile world where people want something done immediately. It allows us to get new (and returning) patients through the door very easily and efficiently. Two key early steps to getting telemedicine started in your practice that Dr. Greiwe shares with us are:

1. Choose a champion

2. Choose the right platform

Listen in today how telemedicine can increase revenue and patient acquisition in your practice.

Dr. Michael Greiwe is a surgeon by day and tech guru by night. He is a practicing orthopedic surgeon with OrthoCincy, near Cincinnati, Ohio, and the founder of the OrthoLive and SpringHealthLive telemedicine platforms. The platforms allow medical practices to deliver telemedicine visits through real-time HIPAA compliant video conferencing between provider and patient – increasing practice revenue, efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Dr. Greiwe is a nationally recognized expert on how telemedicine technology is changing the practice of medicine. TV news stations and podcasts across America have interviewed him about the future of telemedicine, and how to use it to improve the patient experience.

Evaluating Culture and Helping Doctors Create a Happy Practice with Jeff Richins

November 23, 2020

Culture problems effect not only the revenue of a practice, but your team as well. Jeff Richins is with us today to talk about the importance of understanding and evaluating your culture. He says that practices that evaluated their culture and scored higher on the scale, had 3 times more patient acquisition that practices that scored lower on the culture of their practice. It’s important that you and your team evaluate your culture on a regular basis. 

Jeff Richins is the President and CRO of Cambeo. He’s responsibilities include leading out all day-to-day operations and overseeing all sales activities and partnerships. Over his career, he has founded or has been a founding employee of 5 technology companies including Cambeo Dental. He is passionate about building products and creating systems that solve pain and help organizations grow. He lives in Utah with his wife, 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son. He loves to snow and water ski. Jeff graduated from Utah Valley University with a BA in Behavioral Science, psychology emphasis.

Why Dental Appointments are Crucial to Prevent COVID-19 from Taking Over with Dr. Molayem

November 16, 2020

Today we are talking to Dr. Molayem on the connection with dental health and surviving COVID-19, a very relevant topic that all dentists and practice owners should be aware of. Listen in for the most valuable marketing information you’ve ever been able to put out to prevent COVID from taking over, when you get it. 

Dr. Molayem received both his Bachelor of Arts in History and Doctor of Dental Surgery at the UCLA School of Dentistry. Thereafter, Dr. Molayem completed a specialty program in Periodontics at the Herman Ostrow USC School of Dentistry. He is the Founder of both the UCLA and USC Journals of Dental Research which have been going on for 13 and 11 years, respectively. He has lectured and has published in the field of dental implants and periodontics and is the co-founder of Synergy Specialists, the largest agency for travelling dental specialists in the United States. Dr. Molayem has been practicing periodontics in a private practice setting in Southern California for the past 10 years. More recently, he has been conducting research and has published the most comprehensive connection to date between the mouth and Covid-19 in the Journal of the California Dental Association.

Making Sure Dentists Have the Right Mindset About Money with Brian Swilling

November 9, 2020

Studies show that one of the top worries for dentists is about money and the uncertainty of money coming in and money going out. In dental school, running a business and the financial side is not nearly covered as much as it should be. We are talking with Brian Swilling today on making sure that dentists have the right mindset about money.

Brian Swilling is the co-founder of NaviPath Financial. NaviPath’s financial planning practice works extensively with the dental community. Brian grew up in a family of dentists and spent his adult life continuing to learn about this great profession. He has personally observed the many successes and struggles of being an associate, practice owner or partner in a larger DSO-like practice. As a result, they help dentists identify tax-efficient wealth management strategies for their professional and personal lives through comprehensive financial planning. At NaviPath Financial, our ultimate goal is to lessen financial burdens for their dental clients while helping them achieve balance in their personal lives.

Brian has been in the financial services industry since 2004 and spent the first 11 years of his career working on Wall Street.  He became registered to offer securities in 2006 and holds Series 7, 65 and 63 licenses along with Life, Health and Long Term Care insurance licenses.

Brian is actively involved in the UNC Charlotte Belk College of Business Alumni Council.  He currently lives in Belmont, NC with my wife and two young children.

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