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Money, we need it, but does it make you happy? Dr. Costes shares his story, and how the moment he realized that he had a million dollars in the bank and had net a million dollars in a year, was the most unhappy he had ever been. We talk freedom mapping, goal setting that counts, and pulling it all together to realize your ideal lifestyle.

Goals are incredibly motivating, and important to pull you through the rough times. However, do you have a big why? A goal that can never be checked off, thus continually pulls you to bigger and greater heights.

Dr. Mark Costes is founder of over a dozen successful dental clinics, the Dental Success Institute, author of the International and #1 Amazon Best Selling book Pillars of Dental Success, host of The Dentalpreneur Podcast, and most recently a founder of The Dental Success Network. Mark and his wife Leslie have three sons; Bryce, Brendan, and Brady. They live in Prescott, AZ.

Pillars of Dental Success is a roadmap that any dentist can follow to exponentially increase the profitability and productivity of his or her dental practice. The systems and strategies covered within the pages of book represent the culmination of struggle, failure, and redemption during Dr. Mark Costes’s journey from one struggling practice to a six practice multi-million dollar dental empire. Some of the topics covered in this book include: – How to FINALLY get your practice’s overhead and cash flow under control. – How to create airtight systems that will maximize the performance of every department of your organization while decreasing chaos and stress. – The step-by-step system for getting a flood of new patient referrals from your existing patient base. – The advanced marketing strategies that will neutralize the competition in your market and drive a flood of new patients into your practice. – The simple and effective approach to reactivating “lost” patients. – How to position yourself as a local celebrity and community leader. Dr. Costes’s refreshing approach to the business side of dentistry offers straightforward and practical solutions that can be implemented immediately. If you’re interested in taking to the next level and beyond, you owe it to yourself to read this book!