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Today we are talking with Dr. Dave Striegel about leading your team when the world around them is full of fear. While going through the pandemic, fear was in many area’s of our lives. How can you lead your team through this? 

Dr. Dave Striegel’s unique background, with a Ph.D. in sport psychology, coupled with his highly engaging, no-nonsense communication style have led to over 30 years of success as a performance coach and speaker. He has worked with individuals and organizations including professional and elite amateur athletes, Fortune 500 executives, small business owners, law enforcement specialists and, yes, dentists of all types. A sampling of his client list includes executives from Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, athletes on the PGA, LPGA, ATP & WTA Tours, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and US Ski Team as well as members of FBI Hostage Rescue Teams. While drawing on his extensive experience, Dr. Dave has developed a niche helping dentists and their team leaders utilize the latest advancements in leadership science to guide their teams toward building healthy, high performing, practice cultures.