We are excited to have Dr. Natanya Brown with us today to talk about processing our feelings productively. We have a tendency to distract ourselves from our own lives and from our feelings, which essentially makes it harder for us to show up in the ways that we really want to and in the most meaningful ways. 

This impacts how we show up for our patients and practices, our marriages or close relationships, and most importantly how we show up for ourselves. 

Dr. Natanya Brown is a board certified endodontist (with training from Tufts, Harvard, and the Univ. of Illinois at Chicago) as well as a certified life and weight loss coach (with training from The Life Coach School). Tapping into the power of mindfulness and coaching, she helps dentists decrease overwhelm, prioritize their personal goals, and create more joy in their lives.

Her process has helped countless individuals decrease symptoms of burnout by equipping them with the ability to process stress productively and feel confident making choices so they live with intention. Dr. Natanya regularly presents on the topics of health, wellness and burnout to various dental organizations and is the host of The Life Coaching For Dentists Podcast.