It’s never too early to begin finding a mentor and looking for that person or people in your life that are going to be able to help you reach your goals.   So I think this is really important and what you’re talking about because we have this saying everybody needs a place to go where they can say three magic words. I don’t know.

How do we begin networking when we were freshmen in dental school? And if you’ve been out for 20 years, why should I start networking now?

Anne Duffy is a graduate of The Ohio State University and a practicing Dental hygienist in Charlotte, NC. She is the owner, editor and publisher of Dental entrepreneur magazine with the goal of providing new dentists the assistance they need to maximize their careers as successful businessmen and women serving their profession. Anne’s newest creation is DeW Lifemagazine (standing for Dental entrepreneur Woman). She is a cultural activist leading a movement to inspire, highlight and empower all women in dentistry.