CPAP is a great solution for many people’s sleep apnea conditions. Dr. Joel Gould has found that for maybe even the majority, taking three supplements, what he refers to as “The Terrific Trio”, can begin to reverse decades of chronic problems, and will help us change the way we eat, play in the sun, and live our lives. He shares with us his story of how he suffered miserably and chronically with Crohn’s Disease for decades and left it all behind with Vitamin D and some lifestyle adjustments.

Listen to this podcast and bring your patient’s life-changing advice that goes beyond traditional dentistry.

Dr. Joel Gould, DDS is the author of the upcoming book “The Modern Epidemic” and  Founder of The Modern American Dentistry Group. Dr. Gould is an expert in sleep apnea and insomnia, as well as the role of Vitamin D in our body’s immunity including dental health. Dr. Gould has been practicing dentistry for more than two decades and treating obstructive sleep apnea.  He began in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada and later migrated to Manhattan Beach, California.  He was later diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2015, himself. His research into the underlying cause of this disease led him to create his new “Sleep Restoration Program” designed to change the public’s perception of the ever-growing epidemic of insomnia and sleep apnea caused by Vitamin D and nutrient deficiencies.