We are all familiar with the term “Operating System” as it relates to our phones and computers, the things that run in the background that makes everything run and act as a cohesive whole. But, what about the business operating system? It’s what is running in the background to help create a really cohesive company. This operating system makes sure that all the different departments within your practice are acting as a whole and working for your vision, mission and values. Josey Sewell is with us today to share more on operating systems and why you need one!

Josey is a DEO Partner and the Co-Founder of DEO MAP, the first business operating system built specifically for growing dental companies.

An RDH, with 15+ years of experience, she has held many executive roles including COO of a rapid-growth, multi-location dental group. With 10k direct coaching and facilitation hours, she is a sought-after expert and speaker. Having spearheaded DEO MAP,’s creation Josey is leading its charge, with big impacts on the dental groups that implement it – higher staff retention, aligned operations, lean systems, and more all resulting in happy healthy teams, increased profitability, and growth. Many dental entrepreneurs are already singing DEO MAP’s praises and with more using it every day, Josey believes it can revolutionize the industry.