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Chuck Blakeman

Entrepreneur, Founder of Crankset Group and Acclaimed Author & Speaker


Chuck is a successful entrepreneur, an internationally acclaimed speaker, weekly Inc. Magazine contributor, best-selling author and world-renowned business advisor who has built ten businesses in seven industries on four continents.

His first book, Making Money is Killing Your Business was rated “#1 Business Book of the Year” and his second  book, Why Employees are ALWAYS a Bad Idea has been named one of the “Top Ten Business Books of the Year.” Both are textbooks in undergraduate and MBA college courses.

Chuck is a regular contributor to the Progressive Dentist, The Profitable Dentist and has written for Oral Health Office, ACGImpact and Dental Entrepreneur. His company Crankset Group provides business advisory for dentists and practice owners worldwide with significant results.

Read his blog at chuckblakeman.com.


Dr. Mary Jane Hanlon, RDH, DMD, MBA

Associate Dean of Clinic Affairs at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Having more than a passing interest in dentistry as a young girl, Dr. Hanlon began her career at 14 years old in an orthodontic office as an extra set of hands for the assistants.  From there, she worked as a dental assistant, ran the front desk of an office, became a dental hygienist and worked in the profession for 15 years followed by dental school to finally fulfill her long-term goal of becoming a dentist.

Dr. Hanlon received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Worcester State College in 1979, her RDH from Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists in 1982, her DMD from Tufts University in 1997 and her MBA from Suffolk University in 2012.  Currently she is the Associate Dean of Clinic Affairs at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine where she manages the clinical operations across the school.  In addition, she is actively involved in organized dentistry both at the state and national level.  Nationally she serves on the Membership Committee of the American Dental Association and locally she serves as the current Vice President of the Massachusetts Dental Society.

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